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SHMC provide high-quality medical service in Swan Hill and other nearby regions. Our specialists are more than capable of dealing with every possible health issue.


For the last many years, SHMC is providing medical services to the people.


Owing to a high-tech infrastructure, we have all modern and essential equipment.


We focus on research and study to implement innovation in our approach.

General Information

About Swan Hill Medical Centre

The Swan Hill Medical Centre provides the best possible medical services to the people of Swan Hill city in Victoria and other nearby cities. At SHMC, we understand and respect the diversified medical needs of all individuals and their families. So, we are always prepared with our best specialists and modern equipment and other facilities. We strive to provide exceptional patient care over extended hours, which include evenings, weekends and the majority of public holidays. This makes us and our services more accessible to our patients.

We understand how difficult it can for some patients to commute a long distance to get certain medical treatment from a rural town like Swan Hill. To help such patients, we also have visiting specialists at our centre. Being one of the most trusted medical service centres, we take pride in offering world-class healthcare facilities to patients. Our main focus is in rural areas and remote regions where people don’t find enough clinics and hospitals. At Swan Hill Medical Centre, we focus on offering trusted, reliable and exceptional medical services in these areas. The centre had 2 specialists, six beds and 7 nurses when we first commenced it. Now, it has grown into a huge one. We have helped hundreds and thousands of people in improving the overall health of residents in Victoria. For more details, feel free contact us.

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Why We Are Reliable


Modern Equipment

At Swan Hill Medical Centre, we have the latest and most effective equipment like ultrasound systems, digital x-rays, nerve monitoring systems and many more. These are essential for quality treatment.

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Best Doctors

We have a team of doctors who are not only experienced and knowledgeable but also committed to providing the best treatment to the people of Swan Hill and other nearby cities.

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Excellent Treatment

We are continuously delivering the best treatment to our patients. No matter how complicated the health issue is that you are dealing with, our specialists will take care of that.

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Complete Solution

Whether you have heart-related issues, neurological problems, eyesight, kidney or liver problem, you will get the treatment of everything at SHMC. We also have visiting specialists from Melbourne, Victoria, so you don’t need to commute anywhere else.

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What We Offer

We understand the Basic Needs of Our Patients

Modern Equipment

If you cannot commute to our centre due to age factors or weakness, we are available for online consultation.

Modern Equipment

Flu can be dangerous, particularly for kids and elders. We are providing flu vaccinations for all our patients.

Modern Equipment

During emergencies, you can contact us and get our ambulance service. It is equipped with all the essentials facilities.

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Department Heads

People Managing SHMC


Medical Director

George McLeod is working as MD of SHMC.


Nurse Unit Manager

Denis Kelly manages the entire team of nurses.


Health Administrator

Paul Braitberg makes sure the centre runs smoothly.

Health Conditions in Rural & Remote Areas

Data shows that Australians who live in rural and remote areas have a higher level of disease, hospitalisations, injury and mortality. It is because such people have poorer access to medical services than people who live in metropolitan areas like Melbourne and other parts of VIC. Stats also reveal that the life expectancy for both males and females decreases in remote areas, and the preventable hospitalisation rate is around 2.5 times higher than in a major city.

Swan Hill is one such rural area, which is quite far from major cities like Melbourne and Geelong (more than 335km). Moreover, the population in Swan Hill is only around 16,000, which is extremely low in comparison to the capital city of Victoria (Above 51 lakh). However, Swan Hill Medical Centre is making tireless efforts to provide every possible medical service.

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SHMC Services

Usually, rural and remote areas like Swan Hill do not get enough medical services, which lessens the worsen health condition of the people of that region. However, Swan Hill Medical Centre is making every possible effort to ensure that the people of this city and nearby places get all essential health services at the sub-regional hospital. We understand the diversified requirement of our patients in regards to treatment, and thus we try to provide all types of health services.

Our services include Cardiology, Cancer Treatment, Arthritis & Joint Disease, Paediatrician, Gynaecology, Infections, skin problems and many more. All these health services are provided under the guidance of specialists. To know more about our services in detail, visit our service page.

Our Services


Our Specialists

We have several specialists in Swan Hill Medical Centre. These specialists are highly knowledgeable and entirely committed to providing the best possible health service to the people of Swan Hill. We have a long list of specialists that includes Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Neurologists, Gynaecologists, Oncologists, Paediatricians, Physiatrists, Ophthalmologists, General Surgeons and Physicians. All our specialist are highly experienced so there are well aware of the complication and thus, capable of providing the best possible treatment. The experts also use the latest methods and modern tools to deal with the health issues, so the patients get quick relief from the health problem.

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Moreover, there are also come visiting specialists in Swan Hill Medical Centre, who comes once or twice as per the demand of the patients. If you want their service, then you need to take the appointment in advance. No matter which health issue you are dealing with, we have a specialist for your problem.

Our Specialists

Research and Teaching Program

At Swan Hill Medical Centre, we have a team of people who are constant research. They know about the medical service requirement in this region and the latest methods and equipment in the medical industry. It helps our centre and our specialist to provide better health service to the people. The SHMC also offer a teaching program to young medical students who need practical knowledge in the final year. Such students apply in hospitals of different regions of Victoria, including Swan Hill.

This experience helps them a lot to get the degree from a reputed institute. These students learn a lot in our teaching program work under different specialists. We clearly mention to our patients that they will be first seen by a student. Studies have shown that this enhances patient care and very important part of medical training.

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Medical Technology

Swan Hill Medical Centre in Victoria has a strong infrastructure, which allows us to use cutting edge technology. Not many hospitals in this region will have the equipment that we use for the treatment of our patients. Our modern and powerful equipment includes highly effective laser machines, Ultra Sonography machine, High-Frequency Ventilator, Digital X-rays, Cardiac CT Scan, and the list goes on. We have experienced skilled and well-trained experts who are more than capable of handling the equipment smoothly. SHMC is well-known among patients for its up-to-date medical technology.

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Quality & Patient Safety

Providing quality health services and the safety of the patient has always been the topmost priority At Swan Hill Medical Centre. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that the patient gets the best possible treatment and recover smoothly. Thanks to our experienced specialists, well-trained nurses and other staff, we are successfully delivering world-class patient care. Our main objective is to make a patient-centric environment with the help of medical excellence.

Maintaining quality and safety while we take care of patients and offer our services is of the most importance to us. Thus, we always employ experienced, knowledgeable and trained professionals with expertise in multiple fields. You can rely on us to use the latest technologies, equipment and tools to provide our assistance. Also, we conduct quality control surveys and assessments to ensure our medical professionals manage their work effectively and efficiently. If you still have doubts about our quality and patient safety protocols, we are happy to answer any queries.

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Facilities We Offer

At Swan Hill Medical Centre, we offer various facilities that make the consultation with the doctor and stay in the hospital a lot easier. Owing to the facilities, we have earned a lot of appreciation from our patients. These facilities include television, Air conditioner, free Wi-Fi in all the rooms, the choice of private and semi-private rooms, online consultation and reports, easy payment options, and so on. Moreover, we also offer flu vaccination, ambulance facility, pharmacy, doctor’s appointment and many more.

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