About Us

What We Do

At Swan Hill Medical Centre, we make tireless efforts to provide excellent medical services to the patients of Swan Hill city and other nearby places. We are one of the most reliable names in the state of Victoria due to our highly experienced team of doctors, high-tech infrastructure, extensive range of services or treatments and numerous facilities. Moreover, to make that our patients get complete treatment in our hospital and do not need to commute to any other place, we have visiting specialists at SHMC.




Swan Hill Medical Centre was established many years ago to enhance the overall condition of this city and other adjacent places. Data shows that the percentage of infected and sick people is higher in rural and remote regions because such places lack good medical services as good as major cities like Melbourne and other such places in Victoria. That is why this centre was set up to make things better for the local people, and SHMC is successfully doing it for years and will continue to do that. The centre was started with 2 specialists, five nurses, and six beds, but it has become a lot bigger over time. Our growth over the years has also helped us to improve the health condition of the locals.

Get Complete Medical Service

Swan Hill Medical Centre could be a sub-regional hospital in a rural area, but it is not far behind the high-tech hospital of major cities such as Melbourne, Geelong and other bigger cities in Victoria. SHMC offers complete health-related services to its patients. Whether you need an appointment with the doctor, online consultation, need test report, ambulance service during an emergency, you can expect everything here. No matter which health issue you are dealing with, our seasoned specialists are more than capable of providing you with the right treatment.


Our Vision

We want to create a world-class healthcare system in the remote and rural parts of Australia. As medical service providers, we want to develop, protect, sustain, and restore patients’ health by providing excellent medical practices.

Our Mission

We want to make the Swan Hill Medical Centre a bigger and better place where we can deliver exceptional patient care services. By doing this, we want to motivate many such centres and groups to extend their service in the rural region as well.

Core Values

Our core values include respect and care for the patients, excellence through teamwork, trust mutually, always learning, and ethical practices. These values have helped us to reach the centre where it is and will also help in our further growth.


"Knowing that there is a place nearby your home that is reliable in regards to your health is peace of mind. A couple of months ago, I visited the place to reduce my back pain issue, and it turned out to be an excellent idea. They advise me to go for Physiotherapy, and it helped me a lot."

David White

"If you live in Swans Hill city or any other nearby places, you should count on Swan Hill Medical Centre. It is a reliable place that you can visit for any health issues. I went to SHMC as I was facing some problem in my eyesight and their eye specialists gave me the reliable treatment."

Steve Robinson

"I want to thank the entire team of the Swan Hill Medical centre provide excellent treatment to my husband. He injured his backbone in an accident and facing a lot of difficulties to stand properly. But after the treatment, he is recovering very quickly, and the improvement is clearly visible."

Daisy Turner

"I was thinking about going to some major city in Victoria for arthritis problem, but then, one of my friends suggested me Swan Hill Medical Centre. I am glad that I took his suggestion and visited the hospital. Their visiting specialists help me a lot with the right treatment, and I am still following the instruction."

Albert Thompson