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Swan Hill Medical Centre

Our Specialists

We are backed by a team of specialists who make tireless efforts to make sure that the patients of Swam Hill City get the best possible medical service at our hospital. The professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced, so they know the best ways to deal with the health issues that patients face. While most of the specialists work with us permanently, there are also some visiting specialists. If you want to meet them, you need to book an appointment in advance. Here is detailed information about all our specialists. Let’s have a look.

Full-Time Specialists

George Kewell (General Physician)

General physicians are certified healthcare experts who provide an extensive range of non-surgical treatments to their patients. George works as a consultant who is exceptionally trained to treat severe and complicated diseases or illnesses. He holds sound knowledge about different complex drug reactions, which also include new rules and regulations of treatments. Also, he has expertise in research and reports analysis.

Patrick Healy (General Surgeon)

Some surgeries require surgeons who specialise in certain things, like neurosurgeons (brain surgeons) and cardiac (heart) surgeons, but not all. Therefore, you need general surgeons. Such surgeons understand many areas of surgery, including the digestive tract, skin and soft tissue, head and neck, surgical management for severe injuries, etc. Patrick is an experienced and efficient surgeon at SHMC.

Alex McLeod (Cardiologist)

Alex is a cardiologist, who specialises in heart disorders, so he can diagnose and prescribe medical therapy. After a thorough check-up of the patients, he also decides whether the heart disorder can be treatable with medicine that needs a surgical treatment approach. Alex is working in our centre for the last two years, and before that, he was working in a Melbourne hospital.

Samantha Perry (Gynaecologist)

Samantha is a highly experienced Gynaecologist who has previously worked in reputed hospitals of Melbourne and Geelong. She thoroughly checks each and every patient and conducts all the required tests before the start of the treatment. She is working with us for the last one year and is highly appreciated by our patients for her effective approach.

Andrew Robertson (Oncologist)

Doctors who treat cancer patients are called oncologists. Andrew Robertson is a seasoned Oncologist who has treated hundreds and thousands of cancer patients, and many of them have completely recovered. Therefore, he needs to interact with a lot of patients on a regular basis. People with various nearby places visit Swan Hill Medical Centre to meet Andrew Robertson.

Charlotte Turner (Paediatrician)

As a paediatrician, Charlotte Turner provides the best treatment for childhood related diseases and illnesses. She treats not only physical but also behavioural disorders of the kids. Charlotte is working at Swan Hill Medical Centre for the last two years, but she has worked with some of the best hospitals across Victoria before that. All parents in this region completely rely on her in regards to their kid’s treatment.

Daisy Lee (Ophthalmologist)

An Ophthalmologist is a specialist who studies and provides treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye. Daisy Lee is a knowledgeable and seasoned Ophthalmologist who is quite popular for providing excellent treatment. That is why people from all nearby regions visit her to cure eye infections diseases and improve weak eyesight.

Visiting Specialists

Dianella Brown (Dermatologist)

Dianella has expertise in providing the best possible treatment for several conditions related to the skin, scalp, hair and mucous membranes like acne, allergies, eczema for people of all ages. She is one of our many visiting specialists who come to SHMC twice or thrice a week as per the number of patients. To meet her, make an appointment in advance.

David Anderson (Psychiatrist)

David Anderson is a medical doctor who specialises in mental health, which includes substance use disorders. Thousands of people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity and additions. He takes sessions with such people and helps them to minimise their negative thoughts and stress and improve their mental state. He is visiting our centre for the last year.

Samuel Harper (Neurologists)

Samuel Harper treats all disorders that are related to the spinal cord, brain, and nervous system. With the help of imaging techniques, he identifies the problem and decides whether to treat the diseases by the surgical or non-surgical process. He usually visits our centre once a week, but when there are many patients, he visits even three times a week.