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Swan Hill Medical Centre is a reliable name in Swan Hill city and its adjacent regions. It is because the centre provides an extensive range of medical services or treatments to the patients. Therefore, you don’t need to commute to any other city for any specific treatment, consultation, or test that requires modern equipment. Everything is available right here at SHMC. Although we offer an extensive range of medical services, here are the main services that the majority of our patients require.


Various heart-related problems can lead to severe consequences. From heart rhythm disorders and thickening of the arteries to heart loses its ability to pump and build-up of cholesterol in arteries walls, a person can suffer from any such issue. At SHMC, we provide excellent cardiology service that can minimise the impact of any such condition on your heart.

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Cancer Treatment

One in two Australians has a chance of diagnosed with cancer after reaching the age of 85. Not many are aware of the fact that it is a leading cause of death in our country. Around 50,000 people died because of cancer during 2019. Considering this fact, we are offering excellent quality cancer treatment at our centre where we have experienced specialists and all essential equipment.

Arthritis & Joint Disease

This health issue might not be as lethal as cancer, but it also has its side effect. An advanced level of arthritis can minimise your physical activities and cause extreme pain in your joints. At SHMC, you will get exceptional medical service that can cure your arthritis & joint disease. Our specialists follow a traditional as well as a modern approach to deal with different types of arthritis.


No matter what, we always give the topmost priority to the health of our kids. Swan Hill Medical Care understands it and thus provides their patients excellent Paediatric service. Whether it is common flu, any infections, fever or anything else, you should immediately consult with our experts. Our professionals are highly experienced in dealing with all types of children of all ages.

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Women who are expecting need constant medical attention, and it can be risky to commute a long distance to get medical services. Therefore, a pregnant woman in Swan Hill and nearby cities usually opts for our centre. We offer reliable and safe Gynaecology services to our patients that keep them healthy.


For any bones related diseases or injuries, you need orthopaedic service, and we offer such service in Swan Hills. Our specialists use the latest techniques and highly effective medicines to cure any bones related disease. Weak or damaged bones can cause a lot of pain at different parts of the body, so you should not take any chance with it.

Brain, Spine and Nervous System

A minor injury or any disease in the brain, spine and nervous system can be very dangerous. You need the help of experts to cure it. At our centre, we provide excellent treatment for the brain, spine and nervous system. We have highly advanced machines that are used to examine a patient and provide treatment accordingly.


Around 1.8 million people in Australia have diabetes. Although it is quite common throughout the world, doctors believe that it can be very dangerous in the long run. Therefore, you should keep a close watch on your diabetes and visit a seasoned specialist. We offer reliable diabetes service at our centre and have treated hundreds of patients.


Weak eyesight is a common issue that people of all age groups face, particularly elders. Moreover, there are also diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts that require immediate attention. We have eyes specialists who can help you to improve your vision and cure any disease. It is perhaps the most sensitive part of our body, so you should always give priority to your eyes.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

The ear, nose and throat are interrelated, so a problem in any one part can cause a problem in the other two. Therefore, the specialist deals with all three areas. We offer excellent medical service that can quickly cure any infection or pain in this particular part of the body. Our specialist might ask you for a couple of tests to understand the problem properly and then plan the treatment.