Top Strategies to Maintain Healthy Bones

Apr 29, 2024

It is quite easy and common for people to take their bones for granted. In fact, many individuals do not pay much attention to their bone health until a major issue arises. The primary reason behind this is that the bones do all the work behind the scenes without the individual realising much. However, when a bone breaks, people realise how big a deal it is. Bones take quite a bit of time to heal properly, even for kids. Strong bones in childhood are a good start to ensuring bone health throughout life.

Humans build almost all their bone density as kids and teens, which is why it is considered that kids who have strong bones will have reduced chances of developing bone weakness later in life. Regardless of your age, there are some things you can do to maintain healthy bones besides visiting a centre that provides high-quality medical service in Swan Hill when needed. Here are the top strategies to maintain healthy bones.

1.  Consume the Vegetables

Veggies are considered great for human bones. This is because they are one of the most ideal sources of Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. Few of the studies indicate that Vitamin C’s antioxidant effects might also safeguard bone cells from damage. Eating yellow and green vegetables has been associated with increased bone mineralisation in childhood. It has also been linked to mass bone maintenance in young adults. Eating a lot of vegetables is very beneficial for older individuals.

2.  Get Sufficient Protein

Eating protein is important at any age since it contributes to bone health. It also helps keep kids healthy during cold and flu season. In fact, about 50% of human bone is made of protein. It is worth noting that low protein intake leads to reduced calcium absorption and most likely will affect the rates of bone formation and breakdown. However, you need to be careful. This is because too much protein consumption might draw out calcium from your bones. So, limit your protein consumption to the amount a certified nutritionist recommends. Plus, do not forget to include several plant foods.

3.  Consume High-Calcium Foods

It is considered that calcium is one of the most important minerals for the bone health of humans. Also, it is the primary mineral found in your bone. Since old bone cells are broken down on a regular basis and then replaced by new ones, you must consume calcium every day to safeguard bone structure and strength. It is best recommended to get the calcium from foods rather than getting it from supplements. This is because some studies have indicated that getting high calcium from foods reduces the risk of heart disease, while calcium from supplements increases the risk of the disease.

4.  Focus on Strength Training

It is a fact that weight-bearing exercises make way for new bone formation. Studies in children found that high-impact exercise increases the amount of bone created during the years when there is peak bone growth. Exercise also helps prevent bone loss in older individuals. It is a well-known fact that strength training leads to increased muscle mass. They likely help safeguard against bone loss in both younger and older individuals. Moreover, exercising also helps treat chronic pain.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining bone health is highly important for a good quality of life. It becomes even more important once you age. This is why it is important to do a few required things. The ones mentioned in this article are ideal if you want to maintain good bone health even as you age.